Savor a Sauvignon, Craft Cocktail, or A Stout

Savor a Sauvignon, Craft Cocktail, or A Stout

We offer occasions for wine, craft cocktail, and beer tastings in Lansing, MI

Gather a group in Lansing, MI for an evening of wine, craft cocktails, or beer tasting. Our executive chef or our sommelier, selects wines, cockails, and beer that pair well with the food we’re serving. Make a reservation for one of our dinners or tastings, where our executive chef or sommelier will present spirits and pair them with different course meals.

We want you to know as much about different kinds of drinks as we do. That’s why we bring in experts to discuss different kinds of wine, beer and liquor, including:

  • Bourbon, rye and scotch whiskey
  • Damson and sloe gin
  • Bitter, brown and pale ale
  • Pear, apple and plum cider
  • Port, table and sparkling wine

Come in for a tasting and leave with newfound knowledge about cocktails and cuisine.

Attend Capital Vine for a tasting in Lansing, MI

You can try wine from exotic vineyards like France and Italy, but you also deserve a taste of Lansing.

Come to Capital Vine to try beer from a local brewery, wine from a local vineyard, or one of our in-house barrel-aged cocktails.